The Rare Double Bicycle Kick Goal (Video)

The Rare Double Bicycle Kick GoalA bicycle kick goal in soccer is no easy feat to perform.  To leap into the air and perform a semi-backflip while kicking a ball into a net that you cannot see is even harder than is sounds, but there are several players throughout the world with the uncanny ability to execute this maneuver.  Two of those players are currently playing with Gimnasia La Plata of the Argentine Premier Division.

During a match against the Boca Juniors, both Sebastian Romero (on the left) and Marco Perez leaped into the air, simultaneously, and bicycle-kicked a rebound of a Boca defender home for the goal.  Upon further review, it is difficult to tell who really scored the goal.  In my opinion, the only fair solution would be to award both Romero and Perez with a half-goal each, however, in the end it was Perez who was given sole credit for this extraordinary team effort.

The fact that Perez was the first one up to celebrate the goal probably didn’t hurt his cause either.  Sorry Romero, but you snooze, you lose a goal.

Hat Tip to TPS reader Sebastian

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