Euroleague Hoops Team Wins…Then Loses In A Wild Finish

Euroleague Hoops Team WinsEuropean basketball player’s skills: Excellent passing? Check. Long-distance shooting? Check. Good ball-handling? Check. Clock management? Not so much.

Seriously — this would never, ever happen in the NBA. You have coaches that call timeouts with 0.2 ticks left to devise a tip play or to draw up a defense against that tip. I just hope this didn’t happen in one of those psycho countries where they kill players and coaches after own goals or bad games. Even though truth be told, those players should probably be shot.

But to be fair, this type of decision making is rampant throughout sports. We see bad decisions made by athletes on a daily basis. Like 2 brothers giving each other a sloppy kiss on the lips on draft day. Even amateur, average weekend warriors make awful decisions when it comes to playing sports. Like letting Bill drive the golf cart after he’s drank 9 beers.

Let’s just hope that coach and those players live to make their next sports goof.

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