Soccer Blunder Of The Century (Video)

Even the most noobiest of the noobs know one thing about soccer: it’s boring. Just kidding, just kidding. The one thing everyone knows about soccer is no hands. Except maybe this dude:

As if it wasn’t bad enough that he completely whiffed, Kansas City Wizards striker Kei Kamara then throws his hands up and starts pleading his case to the officials. I know what you’re thinking: A) Kansas City has a soccer team? and B) this guy doesn’t realize there are cameras all over the place. Man, this is all kinds of fail. It was indeed ruled a handball and no goal.

Too bad this game wasn’t being played in Croatia. Those fans will slap the players they don’t like over there. Kamara should be thankful that on his slide the grass was soft and movable. Otherwise his leg could have snapped like the Red Bull goalie’s did a while back.

But worst of all is that Kamara’s goal would have given the Wizards the lead in a game that ended 0-0.

Hat Tip Reader – Sebastian

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