Dolphins Exec Asked Dez Bryant If His Mother Was A Prostitute

Dez BryantWhen it comes to making a first round pick at the NFL Draft, there is a lot of pressure put on NFL GMs and execs.  It takes a lot to build an entire football team, and an early pick in the draft can often be an important piece to that puzzle.  It is therefore no surprise that so much attention is put into scouting, and as a result, the high-level personnel of every team will seemingly dig through any dirt they can find on future prospects they may be interested in.

It appears as though the Miami Dolphins may have been interested in the services of Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant, but first they wanted to know what types of services his mother was offering.

Bryant made it known that during an interview with a “high-level executive of one NFL franchise,” he was asked if his mother, Angela, was a prostitute, to which he answered “No, my mom is not a prostitute.”  Now reports have indicated that the culprit was Jeff Ireland, General Manager of the Miami Dolphins.

Luckily for Ireland, the answer provided by Bryant did not include a right hook to the jaw; a testament to the maturity of Bryant, whose background has been questioned as a result of family issues and his past legal troubles.  The Dolphins would eventually pass on Bryant, who was taken by the Dallas Cowboys with the 24th overall pick.

So was this the stupidest question directed at a prospect prior to the draft?  I’d have to say so, but there certainly were some others that deserve an honorable mention:

Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy was asked if he plays in a jock or g-string.

Florida State safety Myron Rolle was asked what if felt like to desert his team after passing up his senior season to accept a Rhodes Scholarship.

Stanford’s Toby Gerhart was asked if being a white running back made him feel entitled.

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