Picture Of The Day: No, I’m Staring At Your Crisps!

are you staring at my crisps

“Are you staring at my crisps?”  It seems like a rather odd question to ask.  After all, the breasts on this rugby goddess are inches away from falling out of that conveniently low-cut shirt.  And what guy doesn’t like a gorgeous female with large sweater-puppets, who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty every now and then.

So in conclusion, I must admit that “No, I am not staring at your crisps!  I am staring at your gigantic funbags!”

But I will, however, take a bag of those Hunky Dorys to go with along with a pair of Reebok Easy Tones, and some of that Puma apparel as well.  Sex sure does sell!

Thanks to Thomas for this great Image – [TwitPic]

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