The Most Grueling Slide Tackle Nut-Shot Ever!

slide tackle groin shotYou would hope that after seeing the likes of David Cortes and Jorge Fucile having their groins annihilated by the boots of their opponents, jock straps would become more prevalent in the sport of soccer.  Well if these past incidents didn’t do the trick, perhaps this one finally will.

During a match between Pachuca and Cruz Azul of the Mexican First Division, José Francisco Torres and his groin were victimized by a reckless tackle from Cruz Azul’s Julio Cesar Dominguez.  With Torres hustling to make a play on the ball, his package was left exposed for Dominguez to slide directly into.  The clash sent Torres sprawling in agony, and earned Dominguez a well deserved red card.

I’m not sure if it is possible to give a player multiple red cards for one act, but this play was clearly worthy of at least three.

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