Caps’ Brooks Laich Helps Stranded Fans Following Game 7 Loss

brooks laich changes tireFresh off a 2-1 loss to the Montreal Canadiens in Game 7 of their first round playoff series, Brooks Laich of the Washington Capitals hopped into his SUV and began driving home.  With the bitter taste of defeat still fresh in his mouth, it would have been perfectly understandable for him to head home without stopping for anything, or anyone.  But Brooks Laich is just not that type of guy.

Instead, as he made his way across the Roosevelt Bridge, he spotted a vehicle on the side of the road with a flat tire and two stranded females.  One of them was 49-year-old Mary Ann Wangemann and the other was her daughter, 14-year-old Lorraine.  The two were big Caps fans and were also enduring an equally disappointing ride home when they hit a pot hole and were left stranded on the side of the bridge with a deflated tire.

As they waited for AAA (who were experiencing a heavy volume of calls), they were greeted with the presence of Laich.  Brooks asked if he could help, and he did, taking off his suit jacket and getting down on all fours as he began jacking up the car.

The entire process took approximately 40 minutes, but during that time Mary Ann took the opportunity to speak with Laich about the team that she and her daughter had grown to love.  Brooks apologized for the loss and Mary Ann spoke about how much she enjoyed the team’s regular season success, all the while Lorraine stood beside her mother, whispering to her, “It’s Brooks Laich, It’s Brooks Laich.”

Yes, it was Brooks Laich, and when the Washington Capitals’ only goal scorer on the night completed the change, he warned the two to drive slowly the rest of the way, gave them a hug and headed on his way.

While some athletes would rather drown themselves in alcohol at a local bar following a loss like the one suffered by the Caps’ Wednesday night, Brooks Laich is not one of them.  Instead, he took the opportunity to give back to a couple of disappointed fans.

Brooks Laich, you are truly a class act!

Hat Tip – [Washington Post]

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