Introducing the ‘Just Did It’ Tiger Woods Supra High Tops

Tiger Woods Supra High Tops

If you are looking for a new pair of shoes and have a good sense of humors when it comes to the whole Tiger Woods mistress thing, then custom shoe outfitters YaoKustoms have just the thing for you.  Introducing the all-new ‘Just Did It’ Tiger Woods Supra High Tops.  Perfect for running away from your wife and into your SUV as she chases you with a nine iron.

These sleek black leather shoes feature an image of Elin swinging a club at Tiger on the left foot, and a group portrait of Tigers’ mistresses with the saying “Just Did It” on the right.  And to top things off, there is a golf ball threaded into the laces of each shoe.

Something tells me Nike (once again) missed out on a great opportunity here.

Hat Tip – [TheShoeBuff]

Tiger Woods Supra High Tops

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