2 Wild Deer Break Into Wisconsin Bar During Bucks Game (Videos)

2 Wild Deer Break Into Wisconsin Bar During Bucks GameSo two deer walk into a bar… Seriously, two deer walked into a bar in during game 7 of the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks series.

Here’s the bad news: neither the real deer nor the basketball Bucks fared very well in their battles. One of the deer was all bloodied up and both were wrangled to the ground. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks were busy busting glass too, with their jump shots clanking off the rim and crashing off the backboards. They puked all over themselves shooting just over 30% against the Hawks. They got handled 95-74 and the Hawks move on to the second round.

As for the deer, they never got their beers and caused the bar thousands of dollars in damages. But it was pretty exciting watching them just crash through the glass like that. The only thing more exciting is maybe watching a cheerleader getting absolutely pwned during an Arena football game. Or maybe having tea with Mike Tyson. But would really be awesome is Mike Tyson pwning a cheerleader and then having tea with 2 deer. We’re working on getting that video for you.

Video 1: The deer busting through the door.

Video 2: A man subduing one of the deer.

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