Dan Carcillo Talks About Marc Savard’s Biting (Video)

Dan Carcillo Talks About Marc Savard's BitingThe Philadelphia Flyers’ Dan Carcillo looks like a cross between Michael Kelso of “That 70’s Show” and your pick of any of heavy metal’s lead guitarists. Here he talks about being bitten by the Bruins’ Marc Savard.

Looks to me that Carcillo is just jealous of Savard having front teeth. In fact, maybe Savard was right and Carcillo was trying to rip out his teeth so he could pop them in his own mouth. Carcillo is probably not in the best frame of mind right now. He’s likely pissed that the Bruins beat the Flyers in overtime in a thrilling game 1, then came back and won another one-goal game in game 2. Carcillo was minus-2 on the night.

But back to this biting thing. Hockey is all rough and tumble, but it’s not like a little biting is the worst thing that can happen to you in sports. Try taking a massive tackling nutshot like in soccer. That’s painful. But Eric Belanger will tell you about what’s painful in hockey. A little biting is nothing compared to losing 7 teeth and needing 30 stitches. Sheesh, Carcillo. It’s playoff hockey. Just bite back!

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