Phillies Fan Tased During Game (Videos)

Phillies Fan Tasered During Game

It’s all fun and laughs when you hop the wall to run on the field at a sporting event. The chubby security guards are always a step too slow, the crowd is going nuts cheering for you and you feel faster than Usain Bolt. But then you are dropped to the ground faster than you can yell, “Dont tase me, Bro!”. You know why? Because you just got tased.

When you watch that video you have to wonder how many of those dudes chasing the fan just ran for the first time in years. It looks like a couple of them were actually tased. Getting tased must hurt a lot, but probably not as much as getting kicked about a hundred times in the leg by Jose Aldo. And probably not as much as a vicious tackling nut shot in soccer.

But it’s a win for everyone involved. The kid got his fame, we got a cool video and the security guard got to try out his new taser. Actually it’s mostly a win for the guard. I so want to tase someone.