USHL Hockey Goalie Shoots and Scores (Video)

USHL Hockey Goalie Shoots and ScoresFargo Force goaltender Ryan Massa eyes an empty net, flips it down the length of the ice and scores a goal in game two of the USHL Clark Cup Finals against Green Bay.

Somebody get a cup of coffee for this announcer. Sure, he’s probably a homer for the losing team, but how about a little enthusiasm! It’s the USHL finals for heaven’s sake, whatever those are. And even if he is a homer for the Green Bay team, it’s only game 2, so don’t be so sad. It could be worse. Two wild deer could have busted through the door to your bar like what happened to some of his Wisconsin neighbors. And it’s not like the fans threw their tasty Kraft dinners all over the ice and you had to clean them up.

Cheer up Sparky. Your beloved Packers will be back in action soon and your life will have just a little bit of meaning once again.

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