Introducing The San Jose Sharks Olympic Diving Team (Video)

no divingThe San Jose Sharks have now taken a 3-0 stranglehold on their Western Conference semi-final series against the Detroit Red Wings.  Much of that can be attributed to the strong play from their second line, consisting of Joe Pavalski, Devin Setoguchi and Ryan Clowe.  Another key to their stellar play has been the resurgence of their top line of Joe Thornton, Partick Marleau and Dany Heatley during key moments of games two and three.  And then there is the referees.

Many of the calls on the ice have been questionable, and the diving display put on the Sharks has not made things any easier for the referees.  Prior to game three at Joe Louis Arena, a clip played on the jumbo-tron illustrating just a few of the plunges made by what Detroit fans have been calling “The San Jose Sharks Olympic Diving Team.”

And sadly enough, these are not the only diving incidents which have occurred through the first three games, yet there has not been a single diving penalty called all series.  Is this the main reason why the Wings find themselves on the brink of elimination?  No, it isn’t.  Much of that can be attributes to the strong play from the Sharks all the way through their line-up.  However, when you are playing against a team that is on top of their game, like San Jose currently is, it doesn’t help to be playing short-handed for the majority of the game because you are getting called every time the opposition takes a leap off the imaginary diving board.  Am I the only one who believes this is the case?  Not quite.  Just check out this list of comments Puck Daddy has put together regarding the questionable officiating in this series.

Does anyone else feel like they are watching a soccer game?

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