Vancouver Cabbies Warned To Beware Of Patrick “20 Cents” Kane

vancouver 24 hours save our cabbies

With the Western Conference semi-final series between the Blackhawks and Canucks headed back to Vancouver for Game 3 tonight, a warning has been issued to all local cabbies:  Beware of Patrick “Twenty Cent” Kane.

In an effort to better prepare these men and women behind the wheel, the front page of the Vancouver 24 Hours asked citizens to kindly tip their taxi drivers in dimes in order to help them avoid a beating at the hands of the Hawks’ mullet-wearing sniper.  Here is an excerpt from the article featured on page 20 of the paper:

Vancouver’s taxicab community needs your support.

With the Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane coming to town for Games 3 and 4 of the Canucks-Blackhawks series, cabbies in the Lower Mainland are banding together and ensuring they have the proper change ready — two dimes, in particular — just in case it’s needed.

Kane and his cousin were charged with beating up a taxi driver in Buffalo in an August 2009 incident after the cabbie allegedly was unable to provide 20 cents in change for the $15 paid by Kane.

It’s up to us as a society to band together and keep our beaded-seat-sitting brothers and sisters safe. If you pull up next to a cab driver at a light this week, show them your solidarity by giving them a different finger for a change. A thumbs up.

You can bet that Kane’s focus will be on Game 3, and not on his mode of transportation afterwards.  And besides, when it comes to making his way around the city of Vancouver, past experiences show that “20 cents” seems to prefer limos rather than taxis.

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