When Bobsledding And Skateboarding Collide (Video)

bobsled and skateboardingWe here at TotalProSports are all about taking your average sport to the next level.  Wherever there is someone willing to turn any athletic activity into something extreme, we are always prepared to show it some love.  This case of bringing skateboarding and bobsledding together is no different.

Most people assume that once the snow melts away, the bobsled track becomes useless, but not to your typical thrill-seeking skateboarder.  For them, the summer weather means the fun has just begun.

You would think that after the what transpired at the 2010 Olympic Games, most people wouldn’t dare taking the trip down this speedy course, but as we have seen before, there doesn’t seem to be much that a skateboarder will not try at least once.

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