Got Drunk, Got High, Got Tasered T-Shirts Now On Sale

It seems as though as soon as a breaking news story hits the sporting world, a creative t-shirt commemorating such an incident is not far behind.   It happened when Michael Vick got into trouble for his involvement in dog fighting.  It happened when Tim Tebow announced he was still a virgin.  It happened when Tiger Woods got booked for banging hundreds of women who are not his wife.  And now it has happened once again, this time after a fan was tasered while running on the field at Citizens Bank Park.

You can’t blame this guy for jumping all over the opportunity to sell these t-shirts, which read “Got Drunk, Got High, Got Tasered…Another night at the ball park.”  And at a generous price of $10 each, how can you go wrong?

Hat Tip – [BobsBlitz]

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