Royals and Cyclones Brawl In ECHL Finals (Videos)

Royals and Cyclones Brawl In ECHL FinalsEveryone digs a hockey fight. But a massive brawl between 2 whole teams? Now that’s playoff hockey! During Game 5 of the playoff series between the Reading Royals and Cincinnati Cyclones, it was almost as if the 2 teams were straight out of “Slapshot”.

This was almost like an MMA event where you have to pick the “Fight of the Night”. The epic throwdown lasted about 5 full minutes. Apparently it started when there was a huge, late hit along the boards. That caused some players to start pushing each other. Then the Cyclones’ Ryan Del Monte decided to swing with his stick at the Royals’ Alex Berry. Oops– he missed. Then he got crushed by another Royal and that’s when all H-E-Double hockey sticks broke loose.

That brawl was almost as bad a puck to crotch, like Sami Salo of the Canucks took the other night. Of course, he did get his testes all smashed up, so maybe that is worse. Or maybe as bad as getting your leg snapped in an MMA fight. OK, not as bad. But hockey brawls rule!

Hat Tip Videos – [PuckDaddy] and [OpposingViews]

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