Soccer Ball to the Face, Knocks Out Kid (Video)

Soccer Ball to the FaceNobody likes to take a soccer ball to the face.  In fact, I’m willing to bet, most people don’t really wants to see another person take a ball to the face.  It’ll make one cringe.   However, if someone takes a soccer ball to the face AND happens to get knocked unconscious mid-air, then that might be worth a look, my friend.   It has been tabbed as the, “best soccer knockout,” after all.

It all could have been prevented, though, if the kid picked up on some basic fundamentals even I learned as a young Ronaldo. If you’ll notice, the soccer player kicks the ball way out in front of him as he makes a rush toward the opponent’s goal.  Every soccer player learns at a very young age that they should keep the ball close to their body when dribbling up the field, so it decreases the chances of being stolen by the defender.  In this case, not only was the ball stolen, but it was punted straight into this man’s money maker.   And then the body went limp and hit the floor.

Hat Tip Video – [DirtyTackle]

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