UMass QB Gets Mack Trucked (Video)

UMass QB Gets Mack TruckedIf you want to sell tickets to your college football team’s spring games, here’s the ultimate video you want to advertise the ticket sales with.  It might be like hoping for a car crash to happen in NASCAR, but it gets people to pay to come out, right?

As evidence by the stands in the video, fans don’t show up to spring football games because, well, it’s not football season.   Typically, the real reason is because most don’t think real football is actually going to take place.  Many probably feel there will be a lot more whistles than usual, boring supplemental coaching that completely kills any rhythm, and unexciting, bear hug tackling so players don’t get seriously injured before the fall even rolls around.

Welp, I don’t know if it was a starter or just some third stringer trying to make the squad, but this quarterback gets knocked the … you know what … out and I’d pay to see that kind of hitting live.  It unfolded like the last scene in Final Destination, 3200 lbs of force mack trucking an unsuspected j-walker, and in the end UMass was left with a decapitated quarterback, somehow still alive enough to slap the turf in sheer agony.  That, my friends, is spring football at its rarest, but finest.

Hat Tip Video – [BarstoolSports]

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