Drag Race Interrupted When Small Aircraft Crashes Into SUV

British Drag Race Interupted When Small Aircraft Crashes Into SUV

When it comes to drag racing, crashes have become a common occurrence, however, those crashes usually involve the cars doing the racing.  But if there is anything else we have become accustomed to in the world of motor sports, it is to always expect the unexpected.

I don’t think it gets any more unexpected than a two-seat, single-engine AT3 plane making a crash landing into a Volvo X60 SUV during a race.  The SUV belonged to a couple of spectators who had been watching the races before being hit by the plane as they were exiting the North Weald Airfield.  After being hit, the two occupants of the Volvo (who were uninjured) rushed to the aid of the pilot, pulling him away from the fire.  Here is how one witness described the scene:

“An onlooker who saw the incident told us that the plane appeared to come into land but immediately took off again, banking over the top of a hangar before coming back to try a second landing and clipping the back of a brand-new Volvo with two people inside. [The Volvo was] driving out of the airfield.” [Jalopnik]

The pilot was later taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that were believed to be serious.  It remains unknown as to whether the crash was caused by human error or mechanical failure.

Hat Tip Images- [Jalopnik]

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