Shawn Johnson’s Opening Pitch That Barely Made It (Video)

shawn johnson opening pitchOlympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson may be able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but she can’t throw a ball three feet.

In attendance to throw out the opening pitch at an Iowa Cubs game, the American gymnast gave us what may very well be the worst performances from the mound ever.  Even if they moved her five feet in front of home plate, this toss still never had a chance.

Maybe she is a lefty, but just doesn’t know it.  I mean, seriously, how can someone who owns an Olympic gold medal have such a terrible arm?  Or better yet, how can anyone who has an arm have such a bad arm?  It isn’t often that a catchers looks like he is fielding a routine grounder while catching a pitch.

Congratulations Shawn!  You have just added your name to the list of embarrassing opening pitch performances.

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