Was This Rally Car Crash Caused By A Man’s Bare Ass?

rally car flash

Yesterday we showed you how a female flashing her ass behind home plate can cause a pitcher to blow a save in the dying moments of a baseball game.  Today we take you to the dirt tracks of rally car racing, where bare asses were once again reeking havoc on the sporting world.

With these cars racing through the course at tremendous speeds, any slight slip-up can result in a disastrous crash, making the sight of a full moon (the human created version) that much more dangerous.  Driver Mark Tapper learned that the hard way.

Cameras inside Tapper’s vehicle caught a glimpse of his view as he made his way around a bend, only to be surprised by what was awaiting him at the end of it; a man’s bare ass.  The image caused him to misjudge his next turn and flip his car.

And as you would expect, Tapper was quick to blame “the cunt who stuck his ass out.”

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