Picture Of The Day – Nice Jersey

Nice Jersey

Personalized jerseys are becoming quite the phenomenon in the sports fan world.  “He Hate Me” in the now defunct XFL would be so proud of his trend-setting ways.  Okay, it probably started before him, but I feel like sports jerseys with a personal name or something original are popping up more now than ever.  When people try to get really creative with them, they can be pretty funny.

And then there are guys like this who probably don’t have the mental capacity to come up with something really witty, so they just get downright vulgar, hoping to pick up a few cheap laughs.  Awesome, dude.  Of course, there’s a minuscule chance that this is actually a real name for an athlete, which would be really hilarious.  I can only imagine his 1st and 3rd cousins, “Fingerbabies” and “Cunnilingus,” respectively, would create.   Oh, there I go getting all vulgar, hoping to pick up a few cheap laughs.

Thanks to Tony for sending this gem our way. If you have any great Images or Videos, feel free to send them to [email protected]

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