Fenerbahce Fans Riot After Finishing In Second

fenerbahce riotGoing into the final week of the season your favorite club soccer team holds a one-point lead in the battle for top spot in the league standings.  With the game tied 1-1, and the final whistle only minutes away, reports begin to circulate telling fans in the stadium that the second place club has tied their game as well (meaning your club has captured the league title).  The stadium erupts at the sound of the game-ending whistle.  Everyone rushes the field to celebrate…

But Wait!

The initial reports were wrong, and not long after the celebration has begun, it is brought to a screeching halt as an announcement is made telling everyone that the other game had in fact ended in a 2-1 score.  Your club has finished in second.  So how do you react to such heartbreaking news?

Probably something like this!

This was the scene in Istanbul, Turkey after Fenerbahce S.K. supporters were treated to the bad news that their club had been passed in the standings by Bursaspor on the final weekend in rather dramatic, and unusual, fashion.  I have never been one to support a soccer riot, but what do you expect after telling fans that their team has won the title, only to tell them moments later that they haven’t.

Then again, had this happened in Montreal (where they riot, win or lose), I don’t believe the fans’ reaction would have changed regardless of the outcome.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]