Lindsay Lohan Starts Fight With Rangers’ Sean Avery And Aaron Voros

Lindsay Lohan and Sean Avery

It seems as though NHL players are not the only ones going after Sean Avery these days.  Wackjob celebrity Lindsay Lohan has also taken a shot (or should we say, thrown a shot) of her own at one of hockey’s biggest pests.

With Avery and Aaron Voros of the New York Rangers enjoying the Wildfox fall-collection party at 10ak, Lohan threw a drink at Voros’ model girlfriend Jessica Stam, and attempted to get the three of them kicked out of the club.

Reports indicate that Lindsay wanted to sit in the booth occupied by Voros, Stam and Avery, because it was beside the DJ.  However, she was unwilling to share it with Voros, claiming that he was her ex-boyfriend.  After Voros denied knowing Lohan, she threw a drink at Stam and demanded that their table be kicked out, but to no avail.

As for Avery, does this make him the sloppy seconds in Lohan’s cocktail tossing rampage?

Hat Tip – [New York Post]