This Is Why NFL Teams Are After Rugby Star Greg Inglis (Vid)

greg inglisHis name is Greg Inglis and right now you can find him running through opponents in the National Rugby League, but it may not be long before you see his name on the back of an NFL jersey.

Inglis has taken the rugby world by storm with his speed and powerful running style, and has garnered the attention of teams from four different sporting leagues around the world, including the American football giants.  Among the NFL teams expressing interest in the services of the 23-year-old Australian international center are the Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos, both of whom have invited him to their mini-camps.  And with Inglis’ club team, the Melbourne Storm, out of contention and Australia’s Four Nations campaign not set to begin until October 23, there is a very real possibility that he may strap on the shoulder pads and test the NFL waters over the summer.

Many scouts believe that Inglis would be a natural in the NFL, and we don’t doubt their analysis one bit.  After all, if the ability to run over your opponent is a coveted trait in the NFL, expect him to fit in just fine.

Something tells me that every other player in the National Rugby Player would be more than happy with seeing Inglis pack his bags for America.  As long as he is there, they will not have to worry about ending up on one of his highlight reel packages.

It is unfortunate for this guy, however, that Inglis didn’t leave sooner.

Hat Tip – [Herald Sun]

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