Amazing Inca Goal from 45-Yards Out (Video)

Amazing Inca Goal from 45-Yards OutI don’t speak Spanish, Baxter, but I can take a pretty good guess that the announcer is yelling, “goal!” Inca was playing Olimpia in a soccer match in the Paraguayan Division Professional, the top flight in the South American country, when Inca was rewarded with a free kick from about 45-yards out. Typically, a 45-yard free kick winds up being a pass up-field or just an aimless kick in the direction of the goal. Very rarely does it pierce through the air, travel 45-plus yards, and then wind up in the upper-left hand corner of the net.

However, when it does, you can pretty much guarantee some announcer insanity, which is often times just as impressive as the goal itself. Seriously, for as many people who are wondering how that Inca player can kick a ball on a straight line 45-yards for a goal, I bet there are probably just as many people stepping back from the video and thinking, “how in the hell does he hold that goal-call for so long without his voice cracking?” All around, very impressive.

The only thing that’s really missing from this is a celebration to die for.

Hat Tip Video – [DeadSpin]

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