Paris Hilton Trains MMA with Gabe Ruediger (Video)

Paris Hilton Trains MMA with Gabe RuedigerHere’s some video of the famous for being famous Paris Hilton training some MMA with Gabe Ruediger, who’s best known for getting a colonic to try and make weight on season 5 of “The Ultimate Fighter”. He was kicked off the show when he ended up not making weight for his fight, and he cried like a baby when he had to leave the house.

Paris looks to be lacking in leg strength on those kicks, but in her defense maybe she just had a rough night in the sack and was sore. Paris might be looking for a real man. After all, we know that she thinks soccer players are sissies, so perhaps now she’s targeting MMA fighters.

Paris looked a bit bored with the workout and I think at one point in the video you can hear her ask, “When do we get to the humping part you guys always do?”.  Might be fun for Gabe, but that would go against the whole MMA is gay thing.

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