Tiger Woods: Sex Yes, PEDs No

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods has some more drama in his life. His swing coach Hank Haney has quit on him and now Haney is spilling stories like Tiger spills his seed all over the country.

Haney might have just cost himself some future clients by revealing personal details about his relationship with Tiger. He confirmed that Tiger was being treated for sex addiction, but that PEDs were not part of Tiger’s game.

“There was never anything that went into Tiger Woods’ body that didn’t come out of his body,” Haney said. “I spent 110 days with Tiger a year for six years. I spent probably 40 to 50 nights a year at his house. I’ve never seen him do any (PEDs). He has never talked about anything.”

Haney also revealed details from some texts he and Tiger exchanged and I think we can all agree that Tiger should never send texts ever again. They burn him over and over like an STD from a pornstar.

As if people weren’t making fun of Tiger enough, now we learn that he thinks he’s “just on a break” with his swing coach. Maybe that’s what he kept asking Elin too. Why does everyone want to keep making Tiger so angry? You know how he gets when he’s mad.

Hat Tip – [DevilBallGolf]

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