Tyson Gay Breaks 200-Meter Record Headline FAIL (w/Video)

Tyson Gay

For 44-years, Tommie Smith’s 200-meter record time withstood the test of timed track.  His 19.5 hand-timed record has survived some mighty big names over the years, but it couldn’t hold off American sprint star, Tyson Gay.

Gay lowered Smith’s record time by 0.09 seconds on the straight track created at the Manchester Great City Games.  I know what you’re thinking, the 200 meters is a straight sprint and his name is Gay.  Get it?  Isn’t that funny?  Well, don’t worry, the Associated Press already beat you to playing off of that in their headline.

Tyson Gay has a long, upward track to run before he can catch and usurp Usain Bolt as the world’s fastest man.  This is mainly due to the fact Gay has trouble staying healthy, including a hamstring injury that prevented him from earning a single medal in the Beijing Olympics.  However, if he keeps shattering world records like this, it might not be as long as we think before they can be legitimately placed in the same sentence.  Below is a video of him breaking Tommie Smith’s record.  For the record, Smith was in attendance and gave a hearty congratulations to Gay after the race.

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