Magic Fan, Official Exchange Words, Play Hot Potato With Basketball

derosa vs a fanFrustrations are clearly boiling over for both the Orlando Magic and their fans.  After losing Game 1 to the Boston Celtics on Sunday, things were not looking good at halftime during Game 2 last night at Amway Arena.  With the Magic trailing by two at the break, the fans seated behind the scorers’ table were not at all pleased with some of the calls being made (or not being made) by referee Joe DeRosa and his crew.

One fan in particular took the opportunity to voice his displeasure as he walked across the scorers’ table, but he and those around him would be surprised by what would happen next.  As the man, who was later identified as Franz Hanning, jawed at DeRosa, the 18-year NBA veteran picked up the ball and tossed it at the face of the Wyndham Vacation Ownership CEO.  Hanning was able to react quick enough to catch the ball with his hands, rather than his nose, and quickly tossed it back at DeRosa, who then signaled to security in an attempt to have Hanning removed from the arena.

Hanning was escorted to another seat and the NBA is currently investigating the manner to determine whether any action will be taken against DeRosa.

It has become a well known fact that referees are somewhat prone to screwing up, but with all of the flack that they have taken over the years, it seemed like only a matter of time before one of them decided to fight back.

Somewhere in the secret far away land where referees hide away from the general public, they are currently building a giant statue in honor of Joe DeRosa.

Hat Tip – [WFTV]

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