Picture Of The Day: A Ferrari Anyone Can Afford

A Ferrari Anyone Can Afford

Does it get any more ghetto than this? I wonder what this Ferrari is called.  A Testa-grossa?

He even spelled Ferrari wrong to avoid having to pay royalties, although I do like how he felt the need to spray paint the name along the side, just to make sure people knew what he was driving.  So what kinds of specs does this Furari Testa-grossa come with?  Well it’s 20-horsepower engine can hit 0-60 in about half-an-hour, and if you want those rims, you are going to have to reach a little deeper into your pockets and opt for the upgrade package.

I already can’t wait until the 2011 model comes out!  And I know just the place to park it.

Thanks to Sean from Atlanta, Georgia for sending this gem our way. If you have any great Images or Videos, feel free to send them to [email protected]

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