Rugby Player Martin Richardson Foils Robbery (GIF/w Video)

Rugby Player Martin Richardson Foils Robbery

Here’s a note to all current and perspective armed robbers out there.  If you are going to attempt to rob a store, make sure Martin Richardson is not present at the time, else things may not go according to plan.

Azar Sulman found that out last week when he raided a William Hill bookmakers in Burley, Leeds.  Wielding a fake handgun in an attempt to gather enough money to support his £200-per-week marijuana habit, the 20-year-old criminal threatened to shoot the 280-pound rugby player and demanded that he open the door to help with the getaway.  Richardson did not oblige.

“I wouldn’t normally open the door for anyone anyway, let alone a robber.

“So what if he had a gun? He was very impolite and I don’t take kindly to that.

“He came over towards me and ordered me to open the door. He was pointing the gun in my face and was telling me he would shoot me. He had a bad attitude.

“I saw red and grabbed a chair instead – the rest is a bit of a blur – but I used my judo skills to get him down.” [Sky News]

Richardson, who also happens to be a judo expert, grabbed a chair and attacked Sulman, eventually taking him to the ground where he would sit on him for several minutes until police arrived.  Sulman has since been sentenced to six years in a young offenders’ institute.  As for the have-a-go-hero, Richardson was rewarded £250 from the public purse for his brave act.  Two-Hundred and fifty pounds and the opportunity to beat a man with a chair?  That sounds like anything but an off-day for Martin.

Here is a look at the incident, which was caught on tape by security cameras.

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