The Double Alley-Oop Has Arrived (Video)

The Double Alley-Oop Has ArrivedEver since the arrival of the alley-oop, basketball players everywhere have continued to leave crowds in awe with their own renditions of this remarkably dazzling play.  Whether it is a back-board shattering alley-oop, the self-alley-oop, or an alley-oop over a 7’6″ monster, it is a play that never ceases to amaze us.  Heck, even hockey players have given it a shot, but never has anyone taken the alley-oop to the same level as high school seniors Jelan Gardner and Eric Ferguson did Saturday during the Nike Tournament of Champions in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Both the Memphis-bound Gardner and the Southern Georgia-bound Ferguson went up for an Anthony Ireland lob at the same time and threw it down simultaneously.  And just to top things off, they both even hung on the rim together for a few seconds.

Somewhere Jackie Moon is smiling ear to ear after seeing the new heights his alley-oop has reached.

Hat Tip – [The Dagger]

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