The London 2012 Mascots Are Watching You!

2010 olympic mascots

Talk about creepy, Wenlock and Mendeville are just that.  The two mascots of the 2012 Olympic Games in London were unveiled on Wednesday and it appears as though organizers had to reach beyond our galaxy to find these monstrosities.

Looking like something out of a Simpsons Halloween special, these one-eyed lobster-clawed figures were apparently created with the help of focus groups consisting of children.  As for the one eye and funny looking yellow light on their head?  Well the former is supposed to be a lens through which the world will be watching (I wonder if it captures images in 3D), and the latter is a tribute to the London taxi cabs.

If you ask me, I think they were smoking a little something out of the torch from the 2010 Vancouver Games before creating these strange creatures.

Hat Tip – [Fourth-Place Medal]

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