Thug With A Gun Gets His Ass Kicked By Skaters (Video)

Thug With A Gun Gets His Ass Kicked By Skaters

There may be nothing that says “bitch” more than pulling a gun on someone, especially when that someone does not have a gun of his own.  And with that being said, it couldn’t have made me happier to see this bitch get his ass absolutly annihilated by a skinny little skateboarder kid.

I mean come on now.  You are about twice his f*cking size and you need to threaten him with that tiny little gun of yours like you are some bad ass gangster?  We all saw right through your sissy little act and knew you weren’t pulling the trigger on anyone.

We have gotten somewhat used to seeing skateboards injure those using them, but it is nice to see them being used to hurt others, especially when those others are fake-ass punks like this gun-wielding fat-ass.  I only wish they had used their boards to do much more damage.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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