Coaches Get Involved In Germany vs. Swiss Post-Game Melee

swiss germany bench fightHad it been Canada, Russia, the Czechs, USA, or just about any other country, it wouldn’t have been all that surprising, but the Swiss?  Aren’t they supposed to be neutral?

Things got nasty at the conclusion of a quarter-final match between Germany and Switzerland at the IIHF World Hockey Championships.  It all started after the Germans began celebrating, thinking the game was over, when in fact there  was still one second remaining due to an icing call.  With the face off set in the German zone, time ran out on the Swiss, who were trailing 1-0, but that didn’t stop one of their players from taking a shot on goal after the final buzzer had sounded.  Anyone who knows hockey knows that such a play is almost always enough to start a melee.

With both benches cleared, tempers began to flare and the usual hockey glove-facials that are characteristic of post-whistle scrums ensued.  At this point, most were focused on what was happening at the corner of the ice, but their attention suddenly turned to the German bench, where Swiss players began mixing it up with the German coaching staff.

Cooler heads would eventually prevail, but not before some punches were thrown and blood was shed.  It may not be your typical hockey rivalry, but for one night in Germany not even the hatred between Russia and Canada could hold a candle to this German-Swiss battle.

The real action begins at the 2:05 mark.

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