He Must Have Really Wanted That Jersey (Video)

Exchanging jerseys with the opposition has become somewhat of a tradition following soccer matches, but after the Spanish team Malaga completed their final game of the season, some of their players decided to share their jerseys with the fans instead.

Seems like a nice gesture.  At least that was what I thought, until I saw this.

After it becomes apparent that this three-way tug-of-war session is not going anywhere, on of the fans decided to take matters into his own hands by elbowing the middle man in the head.  And oddly enough, it is the third guy that came away with the shirt.  Seems fitting when you consider the fact that he was the only one of the three who was shirtless at the time.

Malaga would end up finishing the season only four spots out of last place, which begs the question, what type of violent acts could we have expected had it been a  Barcelona jersey up for grabs?

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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