T-Rex Throws First Pitch At Memphis Triple-A Game (Video)

t-rex opening pitchAt about this time last summer we brought you what may have very well been the strangest opening pitch ever after Dave Mercer brought his fishing rod to the mound to perform the “opening cast” prior to a Toronto Blue Jays game.  It is one year later and we have finally found someone who has outdone the Facts of Fishing host.

For that we take you to Memphis, where a T-Rex took the field and after scouring the diamond and letting out a couple of roars, he finally figured out how to pick up the ball and give it a toss towards home plate.  He may have had to use his mouth, but I think it is fair to say that the result was better than what we had previously seen from the likes of Shawn Johnson and Mariah Carey.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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