Fans Brawl at U.S. Cellular Field (video)

Baseball FightAt the end of last week a pretty intense bleacher brawl broke out at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago during the middle of a White Sox/LA Angels game.  A group of dudes were talking jive with the fans behind them, and getting beer poured on them, as they were leaving.  Within the group there looks to be a healthy mix of Angels and White Sox fans, so who knows which fan base they were talking junk to.  When you’ve been drinking for several hours, it doesn’t really matter at that point.   Everybody is ‘fair’ game.

Anyway, a chubster with a ‘fro in a Paul Konerko jersey-tee took exception when he approached the group in the aisle (think: Konerko eating vintage Magglio Ordonez and winding up with his hairdo).  As soon as he shoved a fellow White Sox fan in the left arm, the fight trigger went off in the drunken group of shit-talkers and chubby Konerko immediately got clocked in the face twice.  Chaos ensued, as a number of people started to file into the brawl.  The best part may be the loser at the 27 second mark throwing his first punches of his life — sucker punches, but his punching bag probably didn’t feel them.

What’s most astonishing is that this fight lasts longer than 2 minutes before a single, old man, usher comes to break it up.  Security is pretty tight at sporting events, but you don’t see a single officer or usher until the very end of this video.  I guess when the action on the field isn’t that great (White Sox suck this year), stadium officials will let a rather entertaining bleacher brawl carry on for a little longer than usual.   After all, keeping it in the stands is a whole lot better than letting a fan get onto the field to stab a first base coach.

[H/T Boston Barstool Sports]

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