Jason Williams Blows Up on Reporters in Locker Room (video)

Jason Williams F Bomb Things are starting to get testy in the Orlando Magic locker room.  Only it’s not amongst teammates, as far as we know, it’s their back up point guard getting annoyed with the reporters blocking his locker while he’s trying to get dressed.

While reporters were interviewing Matt Barnes, you can hear Jason Williams in the background getting riled up about a couple reporters getting all up in his grill as he puts on his nice white button down, fresh out of the shower.  He warns the reporters that they don’t want to see him “get mean” and that he’s asked them politely three times already to “back the f*ck up” from his locker.

Meanwhile, the camera stays on Matt Barnes for most of the time and he’s seen giggling about his teammate being sensitive about people infringing upon his personal bubble.  I think Jason Williams is just mad he’s not getting interviewed in his crowded, corner locker.  Only one more game in the visitor’s locker room, J-Will, and then you can go to your comfy home and not have to worry about reporters cramping your style until next fall.

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