Nyjer Morgan Drops Fly Ball, Throws Temper (Video)

nyjer morgan temper

It’s always fun seeing an athletic outfielder dead sprint to the track and rob a home run ball or extra base hit.  Even in failing to make the grab, they are one of the more entertaining plays in baseball due to the natural suspense as to whether or not a hitter’s glory will wind up in the leather of the chasing outfielder.  You’d never guess, though, that a failed attempt may go down in history as one of the biggest boneheaded plays, similar to Jose Canseco taking one off the noggin’.

Nyjer Morgan of the Washington Nationals got extra grumpy when he realizes a ball at the wall goes into his glove and then pops out. It was still a live ball at that point, but instead of sticking with the play, picking the ball up and throwing it in, he threw a major temper tantrum.  Meanwhile, the Orioles’ Adam Jones was running around the bases for an error-helped inside the parker.  The error proved to be costly as it would have ended the inning in a tie, instead it plated two and gave the Orioles the lead.

Morgan should be pretty ashamed of himself.  Not only did he unnecessarily jump up for a ball that was not going to be over the fence, but he completely whiffed on keeping the ball in his glove.  I guess the glue that was supposed to be in the webbing of his glove was on the outside, because when he took his glove off and went to spike it, it never actually left his hand.  Embarrassing display all around.

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