Randy Foye is a Canadian TV Star (w/ Video)

If you live in the states, you might not be familiar with much of what Canadian TV has to offer. You might know some about SCTV and that’s probably it. But now you can know one more thing about Canadian TV: their kids shows are just as awful and cheesy as the American ones. Presenting “Wingin’ It with Randy Foye”:

Is it me or are those 2 kids like 47-year old men trapped in teenage bodies? It’s a little too creepy if you asked me. Foye told the kid to have confidence, but he couldn’t help him straighten out his jumper? Did that cost extra? Now that kid is going to lose the competition, come back with a gun and blow everyone away. Do they do that in Canada? That kid would probably miss anyway.

Randy Foye wasn’t much help. They would have been better off — and had better ratings — by having Epic Garbage Shooter on the show. Or even better would be “Dude Perfect“. Both those cats have serious skills.

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