Stephen Strasburg Baseball Card Inexplicably Going for Over $10,000 on Ebay

The hype surrounding Washington Nationals’ pitcher, Stephen Strasburg, is inordinate.  He’s never pitched an inning in the big leagues and he’s already being touted as the next Nolan Ryan on steroids (not really, as far as I know, but I say that for hyperbole).

Well, it appears one Ebay user is trying to take advantage of the absurd hype and cash in on one of his chrome rookie cards.  The trading card is being sold on Ebay for more than $10,000.  Originally, the Ebay user set the price for $20,000 or best offer, before relisting it as a reserve auction.

Stephen Strasburg ebay card sale

Listen, there’s no doubt Strasburg is great and there’s a good chance he’ll be a Cy Young one day, but I don’t know if he can walk on water or have a career as amazing as Nolan Ryan or other power pitchers before his time.  No matter what I think regarding Strasburg’s potential in the MLB, there is absolutely no reason why somebody should purchase one of his rookie cards at this point for greater than $10,000.  And after a simple search on Ebay, there’s not a single Nolan Ryan card going for even half of what this Strasburg card is going for

[H/T SportsbyBrooks]

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