The Stat Line of the Night – 5/24/10 – Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

What was once a sure sweep has now become something of a series.  The Boston Celtics won the first 3 games without too much trouble and people were already talking about how great a Boston-LA finals rematch would be.  Hold the phone.  Orlando will not go quietly, and they showed it last night.  Dwight Howard had a huge game and with some help from Jameer Nelson and the rest of his teammates, the Magic were able to overcome the Celtics in Game 4 last night.

Howard’s play in the series going into last night was disappointing to say the least.  That all changed last night.  He ended with 32 points and 16 rebounds and helped his Magic to a 96-92 victory in overtime.  He was 13-19 from the field and 5 of his rebounds were offensive.  He also added 4 blocks and looked much more effective on the defensive end then he had in almost 2 weeks.

So the Magic have now made the series 3-1, which is still a tall order.  No one has ever come back from down 3-0 in an NBA playoff series and won.  The Magic have a long road to get there, but they do play Game 5 in Orlando.  If Howard, Nelson and the gang can keep up the energy from last night, they may just have a chance.  For now, Dwight Howard gets “The Stat Line of the Night”.

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