Yankees Fans Brawl in the Stands

The Yankees were taking on the Rays in New York when some young and possibly over-served fans probably ran their mouths just a bit too much. What happened next? “Dis goin’ on You Tube!”

Let us now recreate how it all went down.

  • Punks probably were spewing vile, hate speech and many profanities.
  • Older gentlemen told them to shut up.
  • Young punks tell them, “Why don’t you make us?” and likely included a comment about the older dudes weight.
  • Older dude tells them to “Come on down and I will!”
  • Young dudes have too much liquid courage and obviously no discernible combat skills. They throw some really weak stuff at the older dudes, who probably laugh and then give them the beatings of their sorry lives.

This one was probably not as good as the recent White Sox fan fight, but this season the fans are definitely bringing their ‘A’ games when it comes to fights in the stands. But all these brawls could definitely be avoided if people would just order themselves a nice hot dog and enjoy it as much as ESPN’s Michelle Beadle. In fact, if they just showed that video between every inning, I think there wouldn’t be any fights at all. And hot dog sales would go through the roof.

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