Future Mississippi State Corner Body Slams Former Algebra Teacher

love body slams teacherBack in the day when a student used to act up in class, he or she used to get strapped across the hands.  Nowadays they black out the windows, move the furniture aside, and wrestle their students in an effort to assert some discipline.  At least that was the technique former Aberdeen High algebra teacher Shobul Johnson preferred to use, until he ran into Jamerson Love.

Love, a star cornerback at the high school level and signee of Mississippi State, took on his teacher in an in-class wrestling match, and with the cameras rolling, he showed everyone what he thinks of mathematics by slamming Johnson to the ground.  The pain for Johnson was two-fold as he was not only the clear-cut loser of this battle, but he was also fired for his roughhousing antics in the classroom.

We still aren’t sure exactly what Johnson was thinking when he agreed to engage in this battle, but I can assure you that the opportunity to manhandle his teacher surely made up for any bad grades Love had received in the past.

As for all of the professors at Mississippi State, let’s just say that they have been warned.

Hat Tip – [Dr. Saturday]

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