Define Irony: Tampa Bay Rays’ Player Stung By Actual Stingray

sean rodriguez vs stingray

Should we consider this to be just another case of “When Mascots Attack”?

In a rather ironic twist of fate, Tampa Bay Rays’ second baseman Sean Rodriguez was taking a stroll down the beach when he was stung by an actual stingray.  Rodriguez was with his two-year-old daughter, Sofia, behind their rental condo in Redington Beach on Monday when he took her a few feet into the water to get a better look at the dolphins.

Unfortunately, that would also give one stingray a better look at Sean’s leg.

Luckily, Rays’ shortstop Jason Bartlett was also present with his son, Jaden, and when they heard the screaming voice of Rodriguez, they immediately called 9-1-1.

“He heard me screaming and he goes, ‘What got you?’ and I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know,’ ” Rodriguez said. “I was coming out of the water and there was just straight blood shooting out, like a straight line.” [Out Of Bounds]

Not even some Ray-on-Ray violence would keep Rodriguez out of the line-up, however.  After applying some additional protection to the wound, he would be ready to fill in for an ejected Carl Crawford in the fifth inning later that evening.

Hat Tip – [Out Of Bounds]

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