Smaller Breasts Not Yet Translating Into Bigger Wins For Simona Halep

simona halep before and after

It was only one year ago that the sporting world was fixated on the enormous 34DD breasts of Simona Halep.  However, she believed that her personal pair of sweater puppets were dragging down her game on the tennis court.  Suddenly, Simona was faced with a decision: Should she keep her large breasts and bask in the glory that they had clearly been bringing her, or should she drop a few sizes off her chest in hopes that they would allow her to improve her game?

Simona opted for the latter, and although she may feel more comfortable on the court in her 34C’s, her smaller chest has not exactly translated into bigger wins.  Two years after winning the 2008 Junior French Open with her great big breasts, Simona had a different look and a different result as she was ‘busted out’ in straight sets (7-5, 6-1) in her opening round match against Australian Samantha Stosur.

To be fair to the 18-year-old Romanian, who is ranked 114th in the world, her opponent was a semi-finalist at last year’s French Open.  However, Simona will need to start winning at the top level if she ever wants to have her tennis abilities garner her the same type of attention that her massive chesticles once did.

Hat Tip – [Metro]

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