Your Pork Chop On A Stick Is Not Safe Around Yankee Fans

Pork Chop On A Stick Is Not Safe Around Yankee Fans

After 27 years of calling the Metrodome their home, the Minnesota Twins had undergone a makeover heading into the 2010 MLB season.  Not only do they have themselves a new ballpark, the outdoor confines of the Target Center, but they also have a new ballpark menu.

One of the featured new additions to that menu is the pork chop on a stick.  So how good is it?  Let’s just say that you should be weary of waving that big hunk of meat around, because if you aren’t careful, you may find the mouth of a hungry fan on the other end of your stick.

YES reporter Kimberly Jones went fishing with her pork chop on a stick and caught a Yankee fan on the other end of it.

Nice catch Kim!  Looks like you snagged yourself a 200-pounder.  But why the hell is he holding that mini broom?

For those who are determined to take on just about every great eatery in America, the State Fair Classics at the Target Center appears to be another place you can add to your list.  Apparently they also have Walleye on a stick.

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